I was in Cooke City around a month ago and visited your store. My brother had a pair of Klim Klimate gloves that he had purchase in your store two weeks prior that were defective. You guy replaced them in the store no questions asked. When I saw this I bought a pair of the gloves also with the understanding that you would send in my 1 year old Klimate gloves that were coming apart at some of the seams. Today I received a new pair of Klimate gloves from Klim that they replaced under warranty. I would like to say thank you to you guys and Klim. I have been very pleased with the service I received at your store and from Klim. I will definitely continue to be a Klim customer and I promise that you guys will be the first place I check for all of my snowmobiling needs whenever I am in Cooke City. Thanks again and have a wonderful season.

Thanks for the fun weekend!!!! I think I left a Gatorade bottle in the back of the machine I was riding (sorry). Altitude sickness has worn off and I think I will recover with little to no side effects. If your renters experienced a ride like we did, I feel confident they would come back for more. I am not sure what your sales pitch is to the renters but I was thinking that you may tell your renters that you want them to have the best snowmobiling experience ever, and a little about the conditions (how to stay out of trouble) prior to leading into the protection of your equipment. I was thinking hard about how to protect you and get a message to the renter that was absolutely clear with out offending them. I really can’t come up with a good line and I realize that each personality is different. I think for me and my way of communicating is an inspection process together with the customer as you do and pictures of any minor nicks that exist prior, with an explanation of the condition of the belt on the machine. Maybe something to the fact that you have tested the machine since its last check out to assure all components are working properly. I don’t know how a bad belt feels, however if you could explain that to the customer prior to there ride it would assure them you are in tune with the functions of the machine and they can check for that feeling as they leave the shop. You guys are awesome and you will be successful!!!