About Us

Shannon and Mona Abelseth have been the sole owners of City Motorsports since 2010. The initially bought in on the shop to be able to work together and get away from the corporate America in the remote town of Cooke City, Montana. With a background in sales and marketing on Shannon’s behalf, and family law on Mona’s they were more that equipped to handle one of the leading snowmobile sales and repair shops in the state of Montana.

Shannon got into snowmobiling at a young age of nine years old when his uncle let Shannon take take his snowmobile for a ride. He was immediately hooked. With power sports in his upbringing, Shannon was racing motorcycles at nine years old, and rebuilt his first two stroke engine at ten years old. When he was 16 years old, he got on board with racing sprint cars- a family tradition. The Abelseth family would races cars all summer and ride snowmobiles all winter. When starting a family of his own, getting the kids into motorsports was a given. He raised his family in a similar fashion that he was raised; surrounded by toys and enjoying the great outdoors.


Mona grew up in a classic car enthused family. Growing up, Mona drove a 55’ Chevy pickup to school every day that she and her parents had worked together to restore. The pickup had no power steering, no powered breaks, and a standard transmission. Mona became a snowmobile enthusiast when she met and fell in love with Shannon in the late 90’s. With a background in law and real estate, Mona bought the Cooke City Motorsports location in Cooke City as part of her impressive real estate portfolio. Mona and Shannon spend their summers in Billings, Montana managing real estate properties and their winters in beautiful Cooke City, Montana enjoying the Montana backcountry and running the Cooke City Motorsports shop.